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Landscape Architect (M.Sc. Tech.) - Axina Oy

Suvi Pohjola-Stenroos

Designing begins with a visit to the location to listen to the clients wishes. I will ask what is wanted (planting, pergola, water features, outdoor kitchen, waterfront renewal, swimming pool/pond), site evaluation (sun light, wind, soil, existing plants, roads and pathways), how the property is being used (sports, gardening, animals, etc), neighbourhood, colors, themes, styles and material wishes. 
Together we will find the best way to plan a beautiful and functional change. We will discuss ideas to form a mutual vision.
During the consultation the client can request an offer to take the project to the draft phase in a preferred timetable. This decision can also be made afterwards. During the consultation photos and measurements will be taken. Also budget and construction permits will be discussed.
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