• To create a beautiful, sustainable and functional environment to suit your needs with the help of a plan

  • Knowing the materials suitability, lifespan and their costs

  • Selecting succesfully the materials to define the constructions and maintenance expences

  • Selecting the plants to the environment so that they can form a beautiful composition​ all year round

  • Planning the garden at the same time as the house is being designed if applicable.

  • The planning is to consist of multiple sketches, drawings and specifications

  • The plan along ​with attachments allows the property owner to request an offer from the constructors

  • The constructor can not build the garden without the drawings and specifications​

  • Provided blueprints, layouts, diagrams and pictures as well as knowledge of cables and drainpipes of the site are essential to begin the designing process​

  • A rough estimate of the budget is necessary for the first meeting and starting of the process

Garden and landscape designer

Suvi Pohjola-Stenroos

Properly designed is ...

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